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The Residencia
History of Burgos


In the heart of the city, and only 3 minutes from the old quarter, we find the Residencia Universitaria "San Agustín".

An emblematic building from the beginning of the 20th century, and restored and modernized in 1997. This Residencia is managed by Anta Gestión de Usos Terciarios S.L., a private company although the owner of the building is the Provincial Government of Burgos.

From the beginnings of our Residencia, we have been acquiring an international experience as a result of our close collaboration with different foreign universities. Such experience, year by year, is obviously enriching all our groups:

University of California - Davis (U.S.A.)
State University of New York (SUNY) - Purchase College (U.S.A.)
University of Michigan (U.S.A.)
Wake Forest University (U.S.A.)
University of ITESM - San Luis Potosí (México)
University of Champagnat - San Luis Potosí (México)
University of Boston (U.S.A.)

Study classroom
For the internal functioning, every year the students choose a Residential Council, which is formed bya President and 8 Representatives , who are responsible for communicating all the suggestions made by the students to the Head Office.

The different Representatives are: Library, Games, Trips, Computers, Dining-Room, Gym, Sports and Cultural Activities.


    In the heart of the city, and only 3 minutes from the old quarter, we find the Residencia Universitaria "San Agustín", with such emblematic buildings as the Burgos Cathedral, Arco de Santa María o Museo de Atapuerca.

It is also located in a commercial location, with banks, bars, supermarkets, pharmacies, Health Centers, etc...


Burgos is a beautiful city located 220 km to the north of Madrid along the Camino de Santiago.

Cathedral of Burgos.
This strategic and privileged situation makes it a city of great commercial activity. The relationship with the Cantabrian coast - near such cities as Santander, Bilbao and San Sebastián - places Burgos in a very important crossroads along the commercial routes in the north of the Peninsula.

Burgos, considered the birthplace of the Spanish language, has many monuments of great importance, such as the marvelous gothic Cathedral and, at the same time, many other important religious buildings such as the Monasterio de las Huelgas or the Cartuja de Miraflores. The latest archaeological discoveries in Atapuerca make Burgos a city of worldwide importance.

Despite being in a place of substantial commercial activity, the natural spaces in the city and its surroundings offer to its 160.000 inhabitants a high standard of living. Not surprisingly, Burgos is considered to be the city with the most "green spaces" in Spain.


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